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Welcome To Kimathi Student Centre

Welcome To Kimathi Student Centre

Kimathi Student Centre is a modern, stylish and comfortable student accommodation just a few minutes drive from Nyeri town.



Kimathi Student Centre has been designed to cater for students with different financial abilities.



We have many amenities for our residents, including cyber facilities, recreation facilities, supermarket etc...

Welcome to Kimathi Student Centre


Kimathi Student Centre has rooms with single bed, double deckers, two twin beds, three twin beds, four twin beds,and partitioned rooms for two beds.


Enjoy our delicious meals including yoghurt, machine prepared and cooked chapatis together with our freshly prepared vegetables and salads by our vegetable slicer machine.


Kimathi Student Centre has a well equipped cyber cafe which helps our students to access computer services at all times


A supermarket that will leave your pocket smiling. Get all your day to day needs at very reasonable prices. All stationery at discounted prices.

Recreational Center

Get all the action, be entertained and be part of the team as you utilise our recreational centre. Games tournament consists of darts, chess, badminton,

Barbershop & Salon

All your look good needs are fulfilled here at our barber shop and salon as you listen to cool music and or read inspirational magazines.

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